On July 9th and our colours

July 9, 2006 at 10:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I arrived in the hospital this morning to get pleasently surprised by the sight of all those mates of mine, doctors and nurses (officers and sailors by rank) in their Navy Uniforms. They were in a sort of parade, so as to commemorate one July 9th more. They saluted our flag while it was being raised, and then, they sang our anthem. Eventualy, they broke rows, smiling faces and a proud air.

It was touching. I have to say, I´ve felt touched this way on every single occasion I have had the chance of being a spectator at such celebrations. What´s more, I´ve started thinking about the just finished Football World Championship, which gave us the opportunity to see light-blue and white all around us for some days. Happily, those colours still fly in flags attached to cars and hanging from balconies and stamped on sweaters…..Have you noticed? I agree, our nationality and love for those colours shouldn´t arise solely under such circumstances. Anyway, that´s something. And that they are still around, counts even more.

Having worked for the Navy all these years, I may have felt nearer this kind of homages to our symbols than the average Argentinian; and I may have become too conscious about them. By all means, I see as promising what has happened to us Argentinians over the past month, as regards our out- spoken love for the Fatherland. Am I too naive?




  1. verodriano said,

    It’s very nice what you have shared with us, I have to agree with you that I wish the love for our colours and nationality would be embraced with such passion everyday as it was for the football World Cup this past month.

    If that were the case we, as argentinians, wouldn’t let the government sell our land by pieces to foreigners and would put it to work for us instead for others as it’s the case now, leaving us with just pollution and dead earth, we would stand up for our rights and our land.

    Love and all that jazz !!!

  2. Julieta said,

    I disagree with you vero, let me tell you why:
    First of all, people are rising against decisions that will affect our land and our jobs. You should very well know this since you were the one that brought the article on the paper mills.
    Second, most of the people in our country are deprived of food, of a job, of housing, of health, of a good education. In this situation, do you think people can do something other than try to survive the day?
    It is not so easy as saying we shouldn’t let our government do this or do that, it is not us as argentine people that fail, we fail as human beings. We fail because it is a matter of what I get, what I gain, what is mine… Selfishness is killing us, not our lack of patriotism or nationalism. You are being unfair when you say that Argentine people don’t stand up for their rights, what about the “cacerolaso”, the act on the 24th of march, the piquete for the paper mills. The problem is we only do it when things are burning up.
    I, myself, cry everytime I hear the anthem. And I’m proud to be Argentine. I do believe we have many faults, and we are socially irresponsible. But we are who we are.
    Criticising we do best of all, but this kind of attitude has led us nowhere.
    By the way, María I loved what you wrote.

  3. Administrador said,

    girls, I would say, with no political connotation whatsoever, that we were made to cry so many times for Argentina…That was unfair, extremely sad, virtually devastating most times.
    So, Julieta, I believe your tears for the Argentinian anthem, which are also mine and many more Argentinians´, are the most valuable and certainly, most promising of all



  4. verodriano said,

    Opinions are opinions, I accept what you have said Julieta, but I can’t agree with you since I see things in a different way, but it’s comforting to know there are people like you who think with such optimism.

    I’m proud to be Argentine too for I know there are kind and caring people, the selfish ones are the people that bother me.

    That’s all.

  5. Graciela said,

    All I can think about are those cute navy officials, wearing their uniforms…I can picture them in my mind, dancing over the table and singing YMCA…I could be Cher…

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