on Twister and MY friend

July 5, 2006 at 2:16 am (Uncategorized)

How touching your comment Vero!!!

First, because animals are the most beautiful living creatures on Earth to me.

Second, because I lost my 16-year old friend last year. She was a beautiful, sweet black cat. She suffered from the same desease as your friend and took her away in a week. We lived together, just the two of us, for most of her life. So imagine…

Well, writing or thinking about her makes me feel sad. I still miss her though she died exactly a year ago.

And, as you said, they are more friends like pets.

She was the only cat I’d ever had because I used to be really scared of cats. Later on I found out that it was because I had not known any before.

Although people think that cats are not affectionate or that they are not loyal to you, my friend taught me quite the opposite thing. I used to have lots of dogs in my childhood and I can say that cats can be as a dogs when you love them.

Well, I always visit the blog as it is a great means of communication but I have never known what to write or how to help in any way. Today Twister gave me a good reason.



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  1. verodriano said,

    All my life I had pets, I can’t imagine life withtout one really. I believe I have died a little with each and every one of my pets that died. It’s a lot of sadness for me as they had brought me a lot of joy while they lived and they “shared” with me their lives as much as I shared mine with them.

    At one time at home, we had 8 cats, yes, 8!!! 7 of them slept with me in my bed, you can imagine how difficult it was to turn and change positions. It was a real tangle of paws, tails, legs and arms in there, haha !!

    I’m glad Twister could give you a reason, I think writing in a blog can be a beautiful and relieving experience, this one in particular not only opening our eyes to new things to learn about the English language but to get to know each other better and enjoy the team work, that every class is, even more.

    Love & all that jazz !!!

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