And on a more personal level…

July 3, 2006 at 4:56 pm (General)

I used to write a lot before starting to attend this course of studies, I guess as Ms. Cambiasso has once well said, I’m suffering a learning crisis and I’m not sure about my skills anymore, hope it will pass soon !!! LOL 😉

But I wanted to share with you two poems that I have written a while ago, hope you like them !!!


You are like a river to me
You float softly to were I lay
And your whispering voice 
Haunts me in the lonely hours
I can hear your laughter
In the dark filling it all.

You are like a river to me
Crystaline blue at first sight
But a closer look reveals
All the colours of nature in you
As you roam down silently
Across this blessed earth.

You are like a river to me
I can wash my sins and fears
In you and rest at your shore
Watching the moon reflected
In your eyes and the stars
Coming to kiss you every night.

You are like a river to me
You come and ease my pain
With your calm waters.
Bringing me the peace
I search so hard to find
Refreshing my soul.

You are like a river to me
I can sumerge inside you
And come out filled with love
Rest on a rock beside you
Watching the sun go down
And kiss the sky goodbye.

What would I do if you ever
Go dry and dissapear?
Where am I gonna wash
This tired heart of mine?
Oh God! Don’t ever let
That happen to us!


Whenever you’re down
I’ll be there to pick you up
Whenever this world is
Giving in on you
I’ll be the shelter you run to

If you feel like you’re falling
I’ll be the hand you can grab
I’ll be the wings you’ll use
To fly high, to fly away
Just spread them and be free

Whenever you feel sad
I’ll be the laughter exploding
All around chasing the fears away
I’ll be the clown that puts
A smile on your face

If you have secrets inside
My heart will keep them
Within my heartbeats
Sealed for all eternity
Just trust in me this once.

If you need to break down
and cry the pain away
Here are my shoulders and
Here are my arms for you
I’ll hold you tight until it’s over.

For your friendship
Makes  me be:
A tireless warrior,
A rainbow searcher
And a thankful friend.



  1. inescambiasso said,

    LOL I loved your poems but I don’t know who you are.

    Please have mercy on this lady! Sign with your full names for goodness’ sake! I’m at my wits’ end.

    Inés Cambiasso

  2. verodriano said,

    Hello, Ms Ines !!

    Sorry, it was me, Verónica Drianó who posted the poems, I don’t know if it shows, but I posted them under my name in the title of the post:

    “And on a more personal level…
    Posted by verodriano under General”

    Perhaps we should change the layout, at least in my computer I can hardly read the titles or the comments since they appear in a very very tiny letter… 😦

    Again sorry, didn’t mean to upset anyone…

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