On Mrs. Cambiasso advice: THE ENGLISH PATIENT

July 2, 2006 at 8:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Just following Mrs. Cambiasso advice, I´d like to tell you an anecdote, something that happened to me about two years ago. It was interesting, as regards what concerns all us: English Language and Culture.

It was a Sunday evening, just the same as now, and I was on duty at the Navy Hospital of Buenos Aires, exactly like today. There and then, I was told: ” Somebody on board the “Fragata Libertad” is not doing well; he´s a guest of our Navy, and has just come out with a very serious backache.” I am the Orthopaedist in chief at the Navy on Sundays, you know; so, I just breathed deeply and got ready.

My patient was Patrick McCormack, aged 22, a young officer of the British Royal Navy. He was flown from Usuhaia, near where the fragate happened to be navigating at the time, and arrived in our hospital in the small hours of Monday. I was in absolute charge that night, ordering the due NMR and prescribing a special treatment of powerfull painkillers. The patient was hospitalized for a whole week; he did very well, and was eventually taken back to England. Although it was the specialist on Spine Pathology who trated him the most, I kept seeing Patrick during all his stay. After all, I had been the very first Argentinian doctor he had had the chance to meet at such a difficult moment; morever, I really wanted to check how my prescription was going.

I´d have to add that Patrick is the first, and so far unique “English patient” I have ever had. He was a very nice person; we still send e-mails to each other once in a while. This was an interesting, very intersting experience that I would call a “by-product” of working on Sundays: Orthopaedically speaking, then I am the one and only whatever happens in the Argentinian Navy. About that, I don´t care at all. I love my profession and the hospital I got my specialization and have been working in since I graduated, 10 years ago.




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  1. verodriano said,

    Awww !!! This is very touching story, Maria !!! Thanks for sharing !!! 😀

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