July 1, 2006 at 11:33 am (Uncategorized)

Dearest Creatures in Creation,

Strictly speaking yesterday our winter holidays were suddenly closer to us, or so it seemed to someone who’s on the fast track or lost in cyberspace, so to say. I’d got the message in May, it was in my mail. Shrinking time like this can be a dangerous mistake.

Yesterday I forgot to mention the Portfolio, you are supposed to work with. I think I’ve said something about this in April. Still, I’d like you to try and look for data in Internet. Of course the term should be related to assessment in education or, if possible, in ESL.

This is the right time for self-assessment, for revising the error analysis list I’ve asked you to do, it is the time for evaluating our performance so far: it’s the mid year break. With the background knowledge you’ll share with the group next Tuesday and a few questions I’ll suggest everything will surely run smoothly.

A blog is a blog and I hadn’t thought of actually posting this kind of text in it but wonders will never cease the message is the medium, and this one is opening up little by little in front of our eyes. Let’s enjoy its fathomless potential.


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