what on earth happened to Mauricio´s article on music!

June 22, 2006 at 4:07 am (Uncategorized)

Hey, people!
I´d like to know why Mauricio´s article on music is no longer in the blog. It was here the other day, under the name “26”, but it suddenly disappeared. Whoever removed it, please, bring it back! I´d like to download it.

Ah! Another thing: Don´t forget to post the websites from where all of us took the info for the presentations. It would be very usefull at the time of writting our papers and also for the mid-term exam, since we are supposed to write an article, report or review, OK?.
I´ll tell the mates with whom I worked with to post it as well, since I don´t have all the websited myself.
I hope you don´t take amiss my request. It´s for the benefit of us all. See you, people..!


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  1. verodriano said,

    You know, I was wondering the same about Mauricio’s article !!!! Weird !!!!

    Mauricio will have to post it again, I guess.

    I’m on my way to post the links for my team’s work, I thought it could be useful that’s why I proposed to do this when the presentations were over. Glad to see you liked the idea !!!

    Bye bye !!

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