From Olga

May 10, 2006 at 5:25 pm (General)

I am not very confident about the way I should add my coments on this page. I hope to be doing it in the right way.
I liked very much yesterday class. I think that sitting in a circle helps us to integrate with each other. Everyone feels being part of the group and it is much easier to remember everyone´s faces and names. If it is possible, I would like us to be organized this way some time again. I also found it interesting to get to know more about my schoolmates.
I wish good luck to everyone.


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  1. Julieta said,

    Ohh, I so sorry I missed yesterday’s class. From what Olga wrote, it must have been really interesting!!

    It’s funny how some times I get so concentrated in something that time goes by so unnoticed… I am so focused, so into what I’m doing that somehow I forget myself. Funny how time works, don’t you think? How is that 5 minutes can be an eternity when we are waiting for someone, for something, and so ephemeral when we are, for example, immerse in a good book? Time is a mystery to me. It flows in such a capricious way that somehow yesterday I got caught up in my work blissfully unawared that it was time to go to my language class. Silly me! Time plays mind tricks with me!

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